Association For Repatriation Of South Sudanese Homosexuals

We are Association For Repatriation Of South Sudanese Homosexuals. We support rights all peoples to be free from the oppression. Based in South Sudan, due to laws in our country we refer to ourselves as the “Afro SS” and seek only to return all such persons displaced by the conflicts in our country to their native lands for all that awaits them.

We acknowledge Ogdoad as our creator and refer to him by the name of Amun in relation to our Nubian ancestry. We resist the Christianization of our peoples and seek only to drink once again the Atlantean waters of the Holy Nile. We acknowledge Haile Selassie as our prophet and direct vessel of the gods.

In order to raise funding for the sustenance of our sexual rituals we sell also music cassette NS Techno on editions for the people of Africa. We catalog under the phrase “Glorious Amun Your Righteousness Is Guiding Holy Transitional Salvation” or Gayrights.

Soon shall be for sale our first release

Gayrights001 – Hate Ejaculation “Ejaculate Hate (from the body into darkness for Spiritual Revival)”

This will be a new re-edition of olden tracks with new liner notes and contributions written by Grim Panzer Commander, the messenger of our European NS techno counterparts. If you do not live in Northern Africa you can purchase our titles from Winter Solace productions.